Sunday, October 7, 2012

Upcycled Chunky Layered Scarves for Fall

The weather is starting to turn to cool afternoons, the leaves are changing to vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, and the fire is keeping us warm and cozy inside.  We love the Fall season here in Northeast Ohio!  And our creative minds are thinking warm, vibrant colors for Fall with lots of texture and pattern found in chunky, layered scarves made from upcycled, fabric yarn and recycled fabric yarn from t-shirts. 

Why we love these scarves?  We love that these scarves are very versatile and can be worn long layered over shirts and blouses and Fall jackets or wrap them up around the neck for those cool Autumn afternoons.  The fabric is so cozy...we love the variety of pattern intermixed with solid colors.  Some we've handknotted to add interest and texture.  These scarves are similar to infinity scarves meaning there is no beginning or's a continuous scarf.  We love that they cannot be pulled off the neck and they stay put!  We also love that our scarves can be worn long into the winter season and into early Spring.  We are sure you will Fall in love with them too... : ) 

We have several listings in our Etsy store here Love Designs Boutique and if you are in the Cleveland area...head on down to Little Italy and visit an adorable little boutique found on Murray Hill near Case Western called ::SunnySideUp::Breakfast Nook/Boutique where you will find our Handmade Jewelry and Scarves along with some delicious food and beverages.

We hope you are enjoying this Fall Season...check out our scarves on Etsy and let us know what you think?  They make a great gift for the upcoming Holiday Season!!!

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