Friday, April 29, 2011

The Beach Glass Hunt is ON!

Spring is finally here...well, we think it's here. It's hard to tell since the weather here in NE Ohio has not been very Spring like! It's been unseasonably cold and rainy...hardly any sun...making it very challenging to get to the beach to find beach glass. We are very thankful and grateful that we have been spared from the horrific weather further South and our heart and prayers go out to everyone who lost loved ones and who were affected by the tornadoes and storms.

This past week, my sister and I had one day that the weather was beautiful...70+ degrees...sun and a nice breeze. So, we took advantage of it and ran to the beach with our family in tow! As we made our way down the path to the beach the sun felt wonderful, it wasn't too hot and not too cool. We made our way toward the sand dune and just as you past over the crest of it, the beach, sand, water, waves and a nice cool breeze! Perfect for searching for beach glass!!! We truly had a great time! The kids ran along the shoreline...some even attempted to get their feet wet...the water was bone chillingly cold!!! Everyone had a great time!!!

I absolutely love the beach. It is a place that I feel completely at peace and in my element. I feel closest to the Lord in these quiet moments on the beach...there is just such a peace and tranquility in the sound of the waves, the touch of breeze in your hair and on your face, the sound of laughter from the children running along the shore and the stillness of everything surrounding it. This is the reason we are so passionate about our beach glass designs.

In our search we did find quite a bit of beach glass, not as much as we have in previous years though. I'm beginning to wonder if the beach glass off the shores of Lake Erie will eventually become a rare thing to find...making these tiny little treasures hidden in the rocks and sand rare gems. For now, we are thankful for the pieces we do find and are continuing to design and create new designs for our Beach Glass Store on Etsy called Glass Sparrows.

Over the next few weeks you will find some of the glass we found this day in our new designs! In the meantime...please visit our little store on Etsy and let us know what you think of our designs and what you would like us to design in the future. Also, enjoy the pictures I've posted from our little adventure! My sister Hannah is expecting a little baby girl in August, but, that did not stop her from hitting the beach and finding beach glass!!! We will be sure to post more of our beach glass hunting adventures throughout this summer! Enjoy!

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