Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stocking Stuffers : )

Cyber Monday is tomorrow and we have everything *ON SALE* in all of our online stores!!! Including great Stocking Stuffers like our Sweet Violet, Pink and Peridot Adjustable Rings. These gorgeous rings feature a Vintage Style, multi-layer, flower cabochon which is secured to a silver, adjustable ring. These ring bases are not only look great, but, they are sturdy and strong.

We also have our popular and super comfy, Shabby Chic Scarves along with our very cute Flower Kufi Hats in our online store on Etsy at:

Find many other unique, handmade jewelry pieces at:

Looking for a one of a kind gift??? Check out our Glass Sparrows store featuring one of a kind pieces of Seaglass Jewelry...every piece is unique and created from *GENUINE* beach glass found off the shores of Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio.

Everything is *ON SALE* stop by and check out our stores!!! Happy Shopping : )


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  2. Thank you for the feedback Jay! We really appreciate it!
    Joy and Hannah
    Love Designs

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