Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspired by the Sand Dollar

I recently designed some jewelry for our newest online store, Glass Sparrows on Etsy, using Sand Dollar Charms combined with the beach glass that my sister and I have found off the shores of lake Erie. We often incorporate nature into our designs and use what we see as our inspiration for new designs.

Growing up, we often vacationed by the ocean. I LoVeD finding little treasures on the beach and one of themost prized treasures was finding a Sand Dollar that was not damaged! I did find one on our last trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was completely by accident. We had just arrived at the beach and decided to take a walk along the shore with my family. We were just walking along the beach reminiscing about past vacations and listening to the sound of the waves and breathing in the ocean air. I just happened to take a look down and saw a little Sand Dollar floating in the waves..not damaged...almost like it was just waiting for me to look down and snatch it up! I have to say...finding that sand dollar was probably one of the best moments of our vacation. Later on that week, my Aunt brought me a post card that she had found at one of the stores and on it was the Legend of the Sand Dollar. This is what it said:

"The Holy Ghost Shell, otherwise known as the Sand Dollar is one of nature's most unusual specimens of marine life. The markings on the shell symbolize the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ. An outline of the Easter Lily is a five pointed star that represents the star of Bethlehem. The narrow elliptical openings are remeniscent of the five wounds made in the body of Christ during the crucifixion. On the underside of the shell is an easily recognized outline of the Christmas Poinsettia. When the shell is broken open, cells are found each holding five objects that look like five birds in flight. These represent the Doves of Peace. Another interpretation of these bird-like objects connects them to the angels who sang to the shepherds in the first Christmas morning."

Don't you just love that! I certainly do...nothing makes me more at peace and content then being at the ocean and seeing God in every living thing, in each wave that crashes on the shore, in every breath that I take, and in every little treasure hidden in the sand.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

It's All About Giving Back

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a minute to share with you a wonderful local family from Chardon, Ohio who suffered a terrible tragedy this past year. Byron Luther and his wife Jennifer live in the Chardon area with their two daughters. Byron is a member of Morning Star Friends Church (also our church) and is the drummer in our worship band. He is a dedicated father, loving husband, faithful to helping his community, and has a great love for his friends and family. On March 1st, 2010, Byron fell 30ft. at his job in Lorain, Ohio. He was rushed to the hospital and then into surgery as he suffered from swelling and bleeding on the brain. It has been an uphill battle for Byron and his family since. The Luther family has been lifted up in prayer throughout this battle with prayer chains from coast to coast. Byron is now home, in a wheelchair, and slowly recovering movement and making tremendous strides in his recovery.

The faith of the Luther family is inspiring...the response from our community has been wonderful!!! This tragedy has been an incredible financial hardship on the Luther family. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to *GIVE BACK* to a family who has given this community and Morning Star Friends Church so much over the years! This is what we are called to do! To LOVE one another and GIVE to those in need! On July 24th, 2010 is Byron Luther Benefit Day....this event will be held at Morning Star Friends Church in Chardon, Ohio. Please come and join us for a Cornhole Tournament, Cook Out, Music featuring local bands and Praise Apella, a Bake Sale and Chinese Auction, and you can participate in the 5K Run/Walk. We will also have games for the children and many more FUN events to participate in!!!! What a wonderful opportunity to *GIVE BACK* to our community :) I can't think of a better way to spend the day!

For more information about Byron and his family and the Byron Luther Benefit Day or how to help, please visit:

Thanks so much everyone....Hope to see you there!!!!!