Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starfish Charm and Seafoam Seaglass Bracelet

Lately, the beach has been calling my name and I look outside and all I see is snow and ice. I just LOVE the beach and the peace that it brings, but the weather in Northeast Ohio is not exactly the best when it comes to walking on the beach. My sister and I have braved the beach when it was about 49 degrees out and the combination of wind and cold chilled you to the bone! It was so worth it though to find our little treasures all over the beach....untouched and just lying there waiting for us to discover it! Well, we are definitely feeling the need to get back out there again and as soon as the weather breaks....that's where you will find us!

In the meantime, we will just have to make do with the little treasures that we found combing the beach last year to remind us of the thrill of finding that perfect and rare piece of glass. Although, Hannah and I rarely throw anything back. Only if it is too small or not completely tumbled by the waves. We love every piece of glass that we find on the beach...each one unique in shape and size...constantly inspiring us with new designs.

My sister, Hannah, just designed this gorgeous bracelet and I fell in love with it immediately! It is such a GORGEOUS bracelet! So simple yet a beautiful reminder of tranquility and the awesome sound of crashing waves. She used a medium size piece of GENUINE beach glass which is hand drilled and is a wonderful tranquil Seafoam color. The glass is attached to this gorgeous Sterling Silver Chain. A whimsical Sterling Silver Starfish Charm lays next to the beach glass along with a handwrapped Salmon colored Quartz Glass Briolette. The bracelet is finished with this fantastic Sterling Silver Swirl Toggle Clasp.

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  1. Its very cute. Would make a great anklet too.

  2. You're right...I think we will do that :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love the color of the green in the bracelet. Very pretty and delicate!

  4. wow that's great its really beautiful

    when you keep them for sale tell me