Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chunky White Mountain Jade Bracelet

This bracelet is CHUNKY and soooo much FUN! I just love this matter which way it turns on your wrist, it always look fantastic! So much FUN to wear :)

We've designed this bracelet using LARGE and CHUNKY White Mountain Jade Beads which are handknotted and secured to CHUNKY Gunmetal chain and a Hammered Gunmetal Toggle Clasp. The FUN part of this bracelet is the conglomeration of colorful beads, charms, a gorgeous enamel black flower, and shell pieces that are handwrapped to the CHUNKY Gunmetal chain. The combination is stunning and I promise you will love wearing this bracelet!

Well, now you know that we LOVE this bracelet. What is more important to us is whether you LOVE this bracelet and we would LOVE to know what you think? So, PLEASE leave a comment below :)

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Smiles ;)