Friday, February 26, 2010

March Madness Giveaway~Sneak Peek~

I just want to take a minute to aplogize for not having a GIVEAWAY in January and February. Hannah and I have had some family emergencies that we had to take care of and needless to been a crazy start to the New Year! We hope that your New Year has been good with many blessings!
With that said, we will be having a GIVEAWAY for March!!! Yay!!! In the past we have given away necklaces and rings and we are thinking that we need to give away earrings since we have not done that yet. So, beginning MARCH 1ST....AND NOT ANY SOONER....we will begin our GIVEAWAY CONTEST to win this gorgeous pair of sleek and sophisticated chandelier earrings. I don't have a name for these gorgeous earrings yet, but, let me tell you a little about them first. We've designed these earrings using lovely Matte Chandelier Earrings and handwrapped Jet Black faceted round Swarovski Crystals and bicones creating drops in the center of the chandelier. A single Swarovski Crystal link in Jet Black secures the drop to silver leverback earwire. The earrings are approximately two and half inches in length...slightly longer than two inches...and are light and airy to wear.

So, beginning March can enter to win these earrings on our Facebook Fan page at You must be eighteen years or older to enter to win and a FAN of Love Designs on facebook. I will post the official rules for entering on Monday, March 1st and not any sooner! You do not need to purchase anything from us to win and purchasing our jewelry will not increase your chances of winning! Good luck and have a wonderful and blessed weekend :)
Hannah and Joy
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chunky White Mountain Jade Bracelet

This bracelet is CHUNKY and soooo much FUN! I just love this matter which way it turns on your wrist, it always look fantastic! So much FUN to wear :)

We've designed this bracelet using LARGE and CHUNKY White Mountain Jade Beads which are handknotted and secured to CHUNKY Gunmetal chain and a Hammered Gunmetal Toggle Clasp. The FUN part of this bracelet is the conglomeration of colorful beads, charms, a gorgeous enamel black flower, and shell pieces that are handwrapped to the CHUNKY Gunmetal chain. The combination is stunning and I promise you will love wearing this bracelet!

Well, now you know that we LOVE this bracelet. What is more important to us is whether you LOVE this bracelet and we would LOVE to know what you think? So, PLEASE leave a comment below :)

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Smiles ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Pearl Geode Necklace

So, I'm loving this new Geode Necklace that I've just listed in our Etsy Store. It is just so gorgeous and earthy. And, it is LONG...which I love! I've designed this necklace using this fantastic Geode that I aquired from the Science Museum in Cleveland, Ohio (you can find the blog post in our archives about our trip). I picked this particular Geode because I just love the earthy tones combined with this gorgeous Amethyst Purple color. The Geode is hand drilled and hand wrapped creating a pendant. I attached a simple open and decorative Gold Matte Leaf directly on top of the Geode. Because it is an open can still see the gorgeous colors of the Geode while drawing attention and adding interest to the pendant. I loved the way it looked, but, it was still missing something and I found some Freshwater Pearls that I've had in my stash of beads for some time and thought it would look perfect! The Freshwater Pearl is Handwrapped with a ball end gold straight pin and attached to the front of the Geode. The Freshwater pearl definitely kept that nature inspired earthy theme going and was the perfect compliment to the design.

I decided that this pendant had to be worn LONG. And, since I love the long worked out better than I had planned. The Geode Pendant is secured to gold chain and finished with a gold Lobster Clasp. It is the perfect length laying just under the chest.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ladybug Inspired Seaglass Jewelry

Not too long ago, I was approached by a friend of ours asking that we custom design a seaglass necklace and matching bracelet. This was her request:

"Hi ladies! I wanted to see if you could make me a necklace...with a silver ladybug charm and with a piece of white/clear seaglass. And then a matching bracelet with a ladybug charm? I want it to be something small and simple, something that I could wear anyday."

Well, I cannot pass up any, I said "We could definitely manage that one. How soon do you need it?" And, after searching for that elusive, simple, and perfect ladybug charm...I found the perfect one! You would be surprised at how few there are to choose from and how difficult it is to find just a simple, cute, ladybug charm. My fellow Etsians never let me down and I did indeed find the perfect one.

So, this is what I designed for my friend. We took a medium piece of GENUINE beach glass found off the shore or Lake Erie near Cleveland Ohio. It is a gorgeous piece by the way...oval, smooth, and well tumbled. We hand drilled a hole at the top and secured the little ladybug charm to the glass with non tarnish silver wire making a pendant. The pendant is secured to Sterling Silver Cable Chain and finished with a Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp.

The matching bracelet was a bit of a challenge. My friend wanted it simple. So, the challenge was how to take a simple ladybug charm and make a simple bracelet that you could wear everyday and still look beautiful. So, I used a simple Sterling Silver Round Link and secured the Ladybug Charm to it making this the centerpiece of the bracelet. Sleek and beautiful Sterling Silver Flat Cable chain is secured to the link and the bracelet is finished with a Decorative Swirl Sterling Silver Clasp.

This is what our friend had to say about her jewelry:

"I asked the ladies of Love Designs to create a necklace and bracelet, that I could wear everyday, that had a silver Ladybug charm and on the necklace to also have a seaglass piece. The Ladybug is a precious reminder of a very special person in my family who has passed away. I wear a piece of jewelry, everyday, that is a physical reminder of her. I usually wear silver, but, had never been able to find a silver ladybug, so the fact that Love Designs was able to come up with a very pretty, delicate and sophisticated way to put this all together, is very meaningful to me. Thank you ladies! It is beautiful!"

Thank you Jennifer, for allowing us to create these very special pieces of jewelry for you! It was our pleasure to help you in remembering this very special lady who passed away and carries a special place in your heart by creating a gentle reminder that you can keep close to you always until you see her again.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Funky Metal Mix Drop Necklace and Matching Earrings

I think the the snow is starting to get to me...MAJOR cabin fever. We just got dumped on again and right at this moment we have over two feet of snow which we've accumulated over two short days. Ah well, what can you do but get your creative vibe on to pass the time :) That's why I just went crazy and fun with this necklace. Check it out!
This necklace is super funky and cool with it's multi layers of metal and chain. The messier it gets...the better it looks. I had so much FUN making this necklace and I LOVE mixing all different types of metals together to achieve that edgy multi layered look. I used this very cool LARGE Metal Teardrop with a handwrapped Turquoise Quartz Briolette in Sterling Silver as the centerpiece. Then I just went wild cutting all different lengths of chain in several different metals including, Sterling Silver, Gunmetal, Antiqued Metal and Silver Plate Chain. Unique Twisted Hoop Connectors hold it all together. The necklace is finished with a Gunmetal Clasp.
Matching Earrings are also available featuring handwrapped Turquoise Quartz Briolettes which are secured to these very cool and unique Twisted Hoop Connectores and secured to Sleek Sterling Silver Earwire. Overall drop is 1 1/2 inches in length.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starfish Charm and Seafoam Seaglass Bracelet

Lately, the beach has been calling my name and I look outside and all I see is snow and ice. I just LOVE the beach and the peace that it brings, but the weather in Northeast Ohio is not exactly the best when it comes to walking on the beach. My sister and I have braved the beach when it was about 49 degrees out and the combination of wind and cold chilled you to the bone! It was so worth it though to find our little treasures all over the beach....untouched and just lying there waiting for us to discover it! Well, we are definitely feeling the need to get back out there again and as soon as the weather breaks....that's where you will find us!

In the meantime, we will just have to make do with the little treasures that we found combing the beach last year to remind us of the thrill of finding that perfect and rare piece of glass. Although, Hannah and I rarely throw anything back. Only if it is too small or not completely tumbled by the waves. We love every piece of glass that we find on the beach...each one unique in shape and size...constantly inspiring us with new designs.

My sister, Hannah, just designed this gorgeous bracelet and I fell in love with it immediately! It is such a GORGEOUS bracelet! So simple yet a beautiful reminder of tranquility and the awesome sound of crashing waves. She used a medium size piece of GENUINE beach glass which is hand drilled and is a wonderful tranquil Seafoam color. The glass is attached to this gorgeous Sterling Silver Chain. A whimsical Sterling Silver Starfish Charm lays next to the beach glass along with a handwrapped Salmon colored Quartz Glass Briolette. The bracelet is finished with this fantastic Sterling Silver Swirl Toggle Clasp.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

"To him who overcomes..."

"To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God." (Revelation 2:7)

I recently designed this necklace for my niece, Carissa, for her birthday. She is such a beautiful young lady and I wanted to give her something special for her birthday. I love this Tree of Life reminds me of the the Tree of Life in the Bible and the promise it symbolizes. I decided to use this simple matte silver tree as the centerpiece for the necklace. It is beautiful by itself, but, I wanted to personalize it and make it special for my niece. So, I added her Birth Month Color which is Garnet in Swarovski Crystal Bicones which are hadwrapped and secured to sleek Sterling Silver Flat Cable Chain. I also decided to add her initial to the Tree of Life and hand stamped a Sterling Silver Charm which I've secured next to the Tree of Life.

I just adore this necklace and decided to list it in our Etsy and ArtFire Studio's about a month ago. This design is fast becoming a favorite of our FANS on our facebook Fan Page! This necklace is designed to be personalized with or without your initial or birth stone. Simply leave us note at checkout and we will make this necklace to your specifications.

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