Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seaglass Jewelry-Custom Designs

If you are a FAN of Love Designs than you already know that Hannah and I love to create unique, one of a kind pieces that reflect our customers personal taste. We especially love designing Seaglass Jewelry. As avid collectors of seaglass or beach glass, we know how special each piece of glass is. There are memories attached to each piece and we love helping our customers create keepsake pieces for themselves and their loved ones.

We recently designed some pieces for a good friend and customer of ours for Christmas. Our friend loves collecting glass on the beach and over the summer, she and her sister found some beach glass off the coast of Lake Erie during her sisters visit from North Carolina. They created some wonderful memories with their family that day and wanted us to design some pieces to help them remember these good times when they were apart.

Two of the necklaces that we created were for her daughters. She had two small pieces of beach glass and we decided that it would be a wonderful idea to wrap the glass into pendants and then personalize each necklace with a hand stamped drop with each girls initials next to the pendant. The result is beautiful and her girls now have a personalized piece of jewelry to remind them of all of the fun they had on the beach :)

The other necklace was for her sister who is in North Carolina which we had previosly designed her an Emerald Green Seaglass Ring for her birthday last year. Since her favorite color is green, we handwrapped the piece of glass that our customer gave us and added a little sparkle of green with a single peridot Swarovoski Crystal Bicone. She now has a necklace to match her ring that she received for her birthday!

The final piece that we created is this gorgeous Emerald Green Beach Glass ring for our customers Mother. The result is stunning and a unique gift that you won't find anywhere else.

If you would like us to design a custom piece of Seaglass Jewelry...contact Hannah and Joy at lovescreation@windstream.net. Visit our online stores for more of our designs at:

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