Thursday, January 21, 2010

Custom Bridesmaids Jewelry

Happy Thursday everyone! The week is almost over and it is sunny in Northeast Ohio today, which is a GOOD thing! Sunlight is a good thing especially when we see very little of it in the snow belt :) We had almost three feet of snow dumped on us over the last month and for the first time in weeks, I am starting to see grass! I am so thankful that I have jewelry design to keep my mind off the fact that it's too cold outside to do anything and I can keep busy designing jewelry for our websites and upcoming weddings!

I just recently finished designing some jewelry for an upcoming wedding this spring for the Bride and her Bridesmaids. In fact, I just mailed out all of the jewelry on Tuesday this week! The entire design for the jewelry was done via email with the Bride and I am so thankful that everything went smoothly and all of the jewelry turned out beautiful! I realize that for some Brides out there, designing jewelry long distance can be intimidating, but, the process is very easy if you have accessibility to the internet and have email. We work very closely with the Bride and do not move forward with the design if we don't have her approval. As a result, our designs are unique because we place the Brides personal taste and style into every piece.

The Bridesmaids jewelry that we just completed took about 4 months overall to complete from the first time I spoke to the Bride to completion this week. We also designed the Brides necklace, earrings and hair clip. The Bridemaids dresses are fuschia and of all different styles which is very popular these days. When our Bride first contacted us she fell in love with one of our more popular necklaces which features a flower offset to the side and a string of crystals and finished with chain and a clasp. She emailed us pictures of her Bridesmaids dresses and we began building our design from there and we designed a necklace for her with the same features of the original necklace, but with the colors to match her Bridesmaids dresses and simple drop earrings to match. Here are some pics of the jewelry that we made for her!

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  1. Yes, I agree sun is a good thing. Love your designs.

  2. Your blog is really beautiful.I'm waiting for your new post.
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  3. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments!
    Joy and Hannah
    Love Designs :)