Saturday, August 15, 2009

Serenity in Searching

Searching for beach glass has become quite the hobby for Love Designs. More than that, it has become a time for us to realax, enjoy the beach and the waves, and have plenty of alone time to spend with God.
Both Joy and I have hectic schedules and are constantly involoved with one task or another. Being able to walk the beach, throw our sandals off, and speak with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, has really helped to take the stress and pressures of everyday life off our shoulders. There are times when I close my eyes and throw my head up to the sky and thank God for the serenity I feel at that moment.

About a month ago, Joy, my Mother,and I went to the beach in search of God's little treasures. Whenever we go beach glass hunting we always come home with bags full off glass. However, our plan isn't always God's plan. On this particular day, we could barely find enough to fill a quarter of the bag with all our efforts combined. That week was a very hard week for me, with many personal battles to deal with. I had not carved out any time for God and the weight of not being with him was taking its tole on me. As the search went on, I decided to quit looking and sit silently for awhile. I was blessed to have that alone time with my Lord and when that trip was over, I felt more free and filled than I had in a long time. Of course I was bummed that we didn't find a whole lot, but that trip was far from wasted. Sometimes we need those trips of solitude to find peace through God.

God did not let me leave that day without finding at least one piece of beach glass. As I was sitting there on the rocks listening to the waves, I heard my sister yell, "Hannah...I found one!!" I was so excited that I got up and ran to her and one my way, I ran right into a beautiful piece of green beach glass. I thanked the Lord for helping me to find that piece and for helping me to find the serenity and peace that I needed.

Pictured is the piece of green beach glass I found that day. It has been beautifully wrapped and secured onto sterling silver chain. Along the chain, the necklace is adorned with gorgeous emerald green crystals. If you would like this necklace, it will be posted in our online store within the week. You can find it at, .

Almost all our jewelry has a story attached to it. No design is ever made without joy and love. God bless you all!!

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