Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dark Amethyst Flower Necklace...Simply Stunning!

This necklace is lovely! The Vibrant Purple Flower Bead jumps out at you against the black beads and ribbon! It is definitely one of my new favs!

We designed this necklace using these large Black Acrylic Rounds which are secured to black ribbon by handknotting between each bead. The single Purple Flower Bead is secured on the side of this necklace using Artistic Wire. The necklace is finished with a pretty bow.

***This necklace was relisted and the only difference between the one pictured here and the necklace being sold is the amount of ribbon to be tied in the back. I designed this necklace with more ribbon so you can create a bigger bow. If you would like the ribbon to be as short as the necklace pictured, please make sure to let me know in a note.

Necklace Length: Adjustable....close to neckline.


Find this necklace exclusively at our Love Designs ArtFire Artisan Studio!

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  1. This Amethyst flower necklace is simply stunning! This necklace is Pretty in looks!
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