Monday, August 10, 2009

Bold and Beautiful

BOLD is definately the fashion statement for the end of summer and beginning of Fall. Everywhere I go I see brillant colors of blues, greens and vivid purples. I adore these colors, so of course, I am a fanatic about the new jewelry we are designing.

Last year, Joy and I made a classic black Swarovski crystal ring. It was a hit for those winter months and all those fantastic Christmas and New Years parties. Recently, we sold our last Swarovski Black ring, so I decided to put in an order for another crystal and came across this BEAUTY!!! I am so in love with this ring, it just shouts FUN! This ring can also come in three other great colors for the upcomming season.

Love the ring...visit our online store at If you would like this ring in a different color, please specify the color you prefer in a message to us.

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