Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Geode searching fun!!

All the kids join in the FUN!!!

Joy and I love to experiment with new designs. A few months back, we were planning a stunning wedding necklace for a bride out of real amethyst. While searching through the endless pages on Ebay, I came across some absolutely stunning amethyst geode pendants. I remember saying to myself that they would make some really cool necklaces. A few days after that, my thought was confirmed when I was flipping through the pages of InStyle magazine and saw an amethyst geode necklace!!!! Fate huh??? Hahaha, this just got my creative juices flowing. So geodes became our next fun adventure in design...and we are ecsatic about every minute of it.

We decided to take the boys to The Science Center yesterday to get some fantastic geodes as well as have a little fun. The boys were super excited to go and they had such a blast exploring science at its best. Joe and Ethan seemed like pros going from one experiement to the next, while Liam and Aidan ran around in complete bliss. We did find some geodes and had fun sifting through the piles of them trying to find the perfect ones for our necklaces. We hope to have some really fantastic designs out there for you soon. Word to the wise...if you see one that you like, snatch it up because our Geode designs go fast!!! Here is a picture of the 10 geodes we picked out.

I just have to say that I feel so blessed that I am a part of such a wonderful business. Joy and I created Love Designs with hope for a way to do what we are passionate about while being able to be with those we love. We centered Love Designs firmly around our savior, Jesus Christ, and He has blessed us and is still blessing us in ways we could never have imagined.

You can find these Geode Necklaces along with our other designs at:

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