Saturday, June 13, 2009

Super Chunky Long Necklace

I want to share this necklace with all of you because I LOVE IT and it was voted 2nd place at! The necklace was submitted by someone on Twitter recently and I was so surprised to see that it had made 2nd place. The results change daily and it is not at the top of the list now, but, it was for that day and I would like to share our necklace with you!

This design is super chunky and super long! I love how it turned out! This necklace was designed by my sister Hannah. She is so creative and it never ceases to amaze me at the jewelry she designs. Hannah's design features three chunky silver chains each adding interest, depth and a little bit of fun to the necklace. She then handwrapped wood beads in all shapes and sizes, ceramic beads, glass beads, and quartz gemstones and arranged them in a fun and funky style! This is a fantastic necklace for summer! Enjoy:)

Necklace Length: 36 Inches

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