Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Hot Beach Glass Hunting Babes

Hahaha, I just had to use that title for today's post. Oh I love you Joy!! My sister and I have the greatest times looking for beach glass together. We have come a long way since that first day back in...oh was it February???...I am pretty sure that we looked this stunning then as well. Huddled together in our five layers of clothes and trying to move giant blocks of ice to find that perfect piece of beach glass and getting hit by freezing cold waves in the process.

Thank the good Lord that it is finally summer and we can now enjoy being splashed by huge waves. Today, Joy and I decided to hit the beach since it was storming all day. It was pouring down rain as we made our way to the beach. Joy looked at me and said, "I know God will stop the rain for us...right?" And you know what...He did!! We walked about a mile to get to the beach only to find that the beach was overtaken by GIGANTIC waves. There was no way we were going to find any beach glass today. On or way back, we decided to be adventurous and try Mentor Headlands, another local beach. Most of the beach was covered with waves, but we found a small patch of rocks that was filled with beach glass. Of course we were splashed by tons of waves, but the water was warm enough that I kicked off my shoes and enjoyed the waves. We had a beautiful beach glass find today!!

Everytime we go beach glass hunting we learn something new. Today our lesson was to be patient. To really find the great pieces, we needed to wait the storm out to its finish. I can't wait for the end of this week and the finds that we will have. Hopefully soon, you all will be able to witness the beauty that we can create out of God's little treasures. Remember to keep visiting us at http://www.lovedesigns.artfire.com/ to see all of our newest designs!

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