Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't Miss Out!! Enter Our Giveaway!!

We are reaching the end of the line for our giveaway! Featured Etsian Beccijo will be giving away her handcrafted Wedding Dolls and Love Designs will be giving away our Swarovski Crystal Bridal Earrings to qualified entries on June 18th! The Giveaway ends on Monday June 15th! Check out our interview with Beccijo...she is creative and so talented. What an imagination!
1. How long have you been designing and creating wooden dolls?
Since Winter of 2008, I started making them for my kids and then startedselling them on Etsy.
2. What inspired you to start creating these dolls?
My kids were my inspiration, and later on, my customers would request customorders which pushed me to create things I didn't think I could do.
3. How long have you been selling your craft?
I opened my shop in Sept. of 2008 but didn't start listing right away. Isold my first item in Jan. of 2009
4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mostly my childhood, I have always had a big imagination. Stories just cometo me, so everything has a story line not just a name or description.
5. What role does your family play in your art?
Well, my art is my release. I am a homeschooling mom of 4, and I needed anoutlet. Getting to make these little dolls keeps me laughing, and the factthat it may one day be a way to support my family is a double blessing.
6. Do you find it challenging to be a work at home Mom, juggling familylife with your passion?Everything about being a mom is challenging; it is just about finding abalance. And to do that I have to be flexible with my family and theirneeds. I am lucky to have a very supportive husband, who when needed, willdo more than his share. We have always said that a marriage is 100%!Sometimes we are both 50%; other times one may only be able to give 20% andthen the other has to give 80%. As long as you can be flexible and do somegive and take your marriage will thrive.
7. Do you have any tips for stay at home Moms who are considering startinga business from home?
Set a schedule, and have a goal but be flexible to give and take with it..You can't have everything all at the same time. It is like when a toddlerfirst learns they can hold more then one thing. They take the first item,then the second, but become fustrated and confussed when offered a third,they just have not learned to let one thing go. And that letting go does notmean it is lost to them. Well, moms are the same way, we want to doeverything but don't know how to let go.
8. How many children do you have?
We have 4.
9. How long have you been married?
Does your husband support your passion?This August will be 12 wonderful years for us. We are so in love, still likenewlyweds! We really cherish each other and hold each others heart's as ifthey were precious jewels. My husband supports me and really becomes Mr. Momwhen he gets home. We believe in attachment parenting and are very devotedto our family!
10. Where do you live and what is your hometown like?
We live in Central NJ, but my heart belongs to PA. Central NJ is great thatit is about a hour or less from Philly, NYC and the Jersey Shore.
11. How long have you been selling your craft on Etsy?
Etsy is really where I started. Before that I only made things for others,I have sold a few water colors, before but not my crafts. I have beenselling on Etsy since January of this year.
12. Do you have any other online stores?
Yes, on 1000 Markets. I love the look and feel of that shop!
13. What the best advice you can think of to help other crafters?
Get online and read the fourm and know what you are doing because the makingof your craft is just a small part of what you have to do to have a shop orsell at shows. Ask others and get knowledge!
14. What is your most treasured set in your store
My fairies are really a part of my heart. Each doll will have her ownplaybox! They will also have story books that will tell their tale.
15. What are you featuring in your giveaway and what is the inspirationbehind it?
Tell us a little about it.
I am offering a set of my Wedding Dolls for my collection called, Tying theKnot. This sweet couple will be custom made for the winner in theirlikeness. I started making these out of a request from a family friend whois getting married this year. The collection will also have a smaller setthat can be given at the reception as the favors and a Flower Girl Playbox.Couples can also add smaller dolls of a beloved pet or children in blendedfamilies.
16. How long will you be featuring this special giveaway?
The giveaway can run for a month or 2 weeks how ever long you see fit. Iwould like them to go view the 1000 Markets shop or one on Etsy and say what they like most also to blog or tweet about the giveaway or my shop.
Thank you!
Beccijo Neff
Take a moment and visit Beccijo's online stores! You won't regret it!
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