Thursday, May 7, 2009

Olivine Flower Necklace

Recently, Hannah and I sold our Olivine Flower Necklace to an international customer, Marga, from Sevilla, Spain. She graciously sent us a picture of her wearing our necklace at Feria de Abril a festival in her hometown.

"Every Spring, the town of Seville throws a week-long party and one million people show up! La Feria de Sevilla began as a cattle trading fair in 1847, and through the years it has evolved into a sexy Spanish round-the-clock spectacle of flamenco, bullfighting and rowdy fun. Seville is considered the center of flamenco music and culture, which is also known as "Sevillana" because many of the composers and songs are from the city.", says

Not only did Marga send us pictures of her wearing the necklace, she also gave us some background information on Feria de Abril and this is what she had to say. "I was wearing my flamenca dress, which is a typical dress from where I live (Sevilla, south of Spain). I fell in love with the necklace and since you always try and choose something with beads on it to wear with those dresses I thought this one would fit perfectly. Everyone loved it so I was right. I will send you a better picture so you can see what the dress looks like." Featured below are the pictures that Marga sent to us.

Thank you Marga for taking the time to send us these beautiful pictures! It means so much to Hannah and I knowing that our designs look so beautiful on our customers and that you took the time to send us pictures of you wearing the necklace. You look truly lovely! Our sincere and heartfelt appreciation and thankfullness!
Hannah and Joy
Love Designs

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  1. Thank you for posting the pictures, I'm a true proud owner :D