Friday, May 8, 2009

Before and After-Aqua Seaglass Pendant

My sister and I have been creating Seaglass Pendants, Rings, and Earrings for about one year now. Our hunt for seaglass has become a sort of obsession for us! We just recently got back from Mentor Headlands Beach, which is off the coast of Lake Erie near Cleveland OH and found quite a few new pieces of Seaglass, especially near the lighthouse.
I thought it would be interesting to post a before and after of one our seaglass creations and show you what I've done with a few of the pieces that we found on the beach this past Wednesday. Pictured below is a piece of Aqua seaglass which is actually quite rare to find.
I usually get a feel for what I want to do to each piece before I begin wrapping. There is a lot of detail that you can't see from this pic, like the curves of the overall piece and the width of the glass. I take all this into consideration before I start and many times it will take up to three tries before I get it exactly the way I want it. It's the perfectionist in me! With this particular piece I decided to really showcase the beauty of its shape and the magnificent aqua color. I am going to wrap it in a type of cage which is accomplished by taking a long piece of wire-approx. 2feet for this piece-and loosely wrapping the wire around the outside edge of the glass three times. The entire cage is secured around with more wire and I carefully make the cage around the glass and finish it with a bail. I'm hoping to be able to post video my making a cage and wrapping seaglass-but, that will be sometime in the future. For now, find the picture of the finished pendant below!I think the result is beautiful and this pendant will make a beautiful necklace. Enjoy some pictures of some of the other Seaglass Pendants I made from our find that day!

Please let us know what you think about our Seaglass Creations and leave us a comment below!

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