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Welcome to our featured artist and fellow Etsian *Beccijo* and our first ever GIVEAWAY! Above is a sample of Beccijo's work. We simply love her work. She is very talented and creative! Her wooden dolls are intricately handpainted with wonderful craftsmanship. Beccijo has an imagination that sparks the child in all of us! In this article, we will be featuring her Wedding Dolls which is a wonderful alternative for a Wedding Cake Topper. Purchase these dolls for your Flower Girl as a gift or as an imaginative gift for your children to act out their future Wedding Day with creative playtime!
This giveaway begins MONDAY, JUNE 1st and will end on MONDAY, JUNE 15th. The winner will be drawn and announced on THURSDAY JUNE 18TH! Check out her interview with Love Designs and the wonderful pics of her FEATURE GIVEAWAY which you can enter in the next two weeks to win a set of her featured Wedding Dolls handpainted and crafted by Beccijo and featured in her online stores listed at the end of the interview. You could also have a chance to win a pair of our exclusive Crystal Silver Wedding Earrings designed by Love Designs. The rules for entering this giveaway are also listed at the end of this interview!
1. How long have you been designing and creating wooden dolls?
Since Winter of 2008, I started making them for my kids and then started
selling them on Etsy.
2. What inspired you to start creating these dolls?
My kids were my inspiration, and later on, my customers would request custom
orders which pushed me to create things I didn't think I could do.
3. How long have you been selling your craft?
I opened my shop in Sept. of 2008 but didn't start listing right away. I
sold my first item in Jan. of 2009
4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mostly my childhood, I have always had a big imagination. Stories just come
to me, so everything has a story line not just a name or description.
5. What role does your family play in your art?
Well, my art is my release. I am a homeschooling mom of 4, and I needed an
outlet. Getting to make these little dolls keeps me laughing, and the fact
that it may one day be a way to support my family is a double blessing.
6. Do you find it challenging to be a work at home Mom, juggling family
life with your passion?
Everything about being a mom is challenging; it is just about finding a
balance. And to do that I have to be flexible with my family and their
needs. I am lucky to have a very supportive husband, who when needed, will
do more than his share. We have always said that a marriage is 100%!
Sometimes we are both 50%; other times one may only be able to give 20% and
then the other has to give 80%. As long as you can be flexible and do some
give and take your marriage will thrive.
7. Do you have any tips for stay at home Moms who are considering starting
a business from home?
Set a schedule, and have a goal but be flexible to give and take with it..
You can't have everything all at the same time. It is like when a toddler
first learns they can hold more then one thing. They take the first item,
then the second, but become fustrated and confussed when offered a third,
they just have not learned to let one thing go. And that letting go does not
mean it is lost to them. Well, moms are the same way, we want to do
everything but don't know how to let go.
8. How many children do you have?
We have 4.
9. How long have you been married? Does your husband support your passion?
This August will be 12 wonderful years for us. We are so in love, still like
newlyweds! We really cherish each other and hold each others heart's as if
they were precious jewels. My husband supports me and really becomes Mr. Mom
when he gets home. We believe in attachment parenting and are very devoted
to our family!
10. Where do you live and what is your hometown like?
We live in Central NJ, but my heart belongs to PA. Central NJ is great that
it is about a hour or less from Philly, NYC and the Jersey Shore.
11. How long have you been selling your craft on Etsy?
Etsy is really where I started. Before that I only made things for others,
I have sold a few water colors, before but not my crafts. I have been
selling on Etsy since January of this year.
12. Do you have any other online stores?
Yes, on 1000 Markets. I love the look and feel of that shop!
13. What the best advice you can think of to help other crafters?
Get online and read the fourm and know what you are doing because the making
of your craft is just a small part of what you have to do to have a shop or
sell at shows. Ask others and get knowledge!
14. What is your most treasured set in your store?
My fairies are really a part of my heart. Each doll will have her own
playbox! They will also have story books that will tell their tale.
15. What are you featuring in your giveaway and what is the inspiration
behind it? Tell us a little about it.
I am offering a set of my Wedding Dolls for my collection called, Tying the
Knot. This sweet couple will be custom made for the winner in their
likeness. I started making these out of a request from a family friend who
is getting married this year. The collection will also have a smaller set
that can be given at the reception as the favors and a Flower Girl Playbox.
Couples can also add smaller dolls of a beloved pet or children in blended
16. How long will you be featuring this special giveaway?
The giveaway can run for a month or 2 weeks how ever long you see fit. I
would like them to go view the 1000 Markets shop or one on Etsy and say what
they like most also to blog or tweet about the giveaway or my shop.
Thank you!
Beccijo Neff
To enter this giveaway you must make a comment about this blog article. Visit any one of Beccijo's online stores and mention one of her items in the store (aside from the Wedding Dolls) and you will receive an additional entry.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sneak Peak! Love Designs Featured Etsy Artist: The Fairy Ring & The Enchanted Cupboard

On Monday, June 1st, Love Designs will be featuring a fellow Etsian, Beccijo, who has two online stores on Etsy...The Fairy Ring and The Enchanted Cupboard! We love the originality of her work! Beccijo makes and designs her own wooden dolls and playsets! She has a wonderful imagination and is a gifted artist! You will simply fall in love with her dolls and playsets...and your children will love them too!

Be sure to check in on our blog at to see our exclusive interview with her and learn more about her giveaway and how to enter to win a set of dolls created by her which will be debuted on our blog on Monday!!!

For a sneak peak of Beccijo's below :)

Here is a sneak peak of her work!!:)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fresh Blue Pendant Necklace

At Love Designs we love to make simple yet stunning jewelry that makes a statement. This pendant is a lovely tranquil colour of blue and features a flowing garden design and a simple silver flower charm. The rectangular shape of this pendant is striking. The length of the overall necklace allows the pendant to fall just above your chest accentuating the line of your summer wear. There is no doubt that this simple yet stunning necklace will attract attention of everyone who views it! Visit our online ArtFire store to view this product and it's very affordable price.
Product Description:
This necklace is designed around a Fresh Blue Pendant featuring a floral design. The pendant is simply attached to a large jump ring and a single flower charm dangles below. Silver chain and a lobster clasp finish this piece.

Necklace Length: 17 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Seaglass Designs!!! Check them out!

Seaglass Designs is our passion! All of our glass is GENUINE SEAGLASS found by us off primarily off the shore of Lake Erie near Cleveland, Oh! We love searching for seaglass and it is one of our top sellers at Love Designs! If you are interested in our jewelry, please visit our online store at:
Please don't hesitate to contact us at
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Amethyst Bridal Necklace

Earlier this month I posted a blog about designing Custom Wedding Jewelry and took you through the process of ordering a Custom Wedding Necklace online. (Look back to the blog post Custom Wedding Jewelry) We've finally completed the necklace and want to share the pictures of this Gorgeous Amethyst Bridal Necklace featuring Genuine Pink and Purple Amethyst Gemstones, Sterling Silver Figure 8 chain, S hook clasp, Bead Caps, Wire, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and a single Cubic Zirconia Lavender Teardrop Pendant! Enjoy!

If you are interested in ordering a Custom Wedding Necklace by Love Designs...please contact us at

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Says the Mother of the Bride has to be Matronly?

Looking for something different and want to incorporate you own personal style? Look no further! We custom designed this necklace for a Mother of the Bride who was looking for something Stunning and a little on the Modern side of things. Her gown (pictured below) for her daughter's wedding is a gorgeous taupe color form fitting with a scoop neckline. She is planning on wearing a sheer black shrug with the dress. Believe it or not, most of our design decisions were made via email descriptions and pictures. I realize that this may seem intimidating to some, but, you can see for yourself that the necklace is gorgeous!

We designed this necklace around a single Marquis Black Onyx one inch pendant. This pendant is highly faceted and captures the reflective light giving it a luxurious sparkle. Our customer, Tish, prefers Sterling Silver, so we decided to use Sterling Silver cable chain and a simple S-hook clasp. The Black Onyx Pendant is offset by two Swarovski Crystal Jet faceted rounds and suspended from a Sterling Silver Link. The overall length of the necklace is 17 inches with a 1 1/2 inch pendant drop. The end result....simply stunning! The matching dangle earrings are designed using Black Spinel Marquis style gemstones which suspend from Sterling Silver Cable Chain and attached to Sterling Silver French Hook earring wire.

We want to give special thanks to all the Etsy shops who helped facilitate our design process! All of the Gemstones and findings are from my fellow Etsy Artisans!
Etsy Jewelry Supplier

The Ivy Leaf


Beaders Boutique

Fabulous Rocks

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Before and After-Aqua Seaglass Pendant

My sister and I have been creating Seaglass Pendants, Rings, and Earrings for about one year now. Our hunt for seaglass has become a sort of obsession for us! We just recently got back from Mentor Headlands Beach, which is off the coast of Lake Erie near Cleveland OH and found quite a few new pieces of Seaglass, especially near the lighthouse.
I thought it would be interesting to post a before and after of one our seaglass creations and show you what I've done with a few of the pieces that we found on the beach this past Wednesday. Pictured below is a piece of Aqua seaglass which is actually quite rare to find.
I usually get a feel for what I want to do to each piece before I begin wrapping. There is a lot of detail that you can't see from this pic, like the curves of the overall piece and the width of the glass. I take all this into consideration before I start and many times it will take up to three tries before I get it exactly the way I want it. It's the perfectionist in me! With this particular piece I decided to really showcase the beauty of its shape and the magnificent aqua color. I am going to wrap it in a type of cage which is accomplished by taking a long piece of wire-approx. 2feet for this piece-and loosely wrapping the wire around the outside edge of the glass three times. The entire cage is secured around with more wire and I carefully make the cage around the glass and finish it with a bail. I'm hoping to be able to post video my making a cage and wrapping seaglass-but, that will be sometime in the future. For now, find the picture of the finished pendant below!I think the result is beautiful and this pendant will make a beautiful necklace. Enjoy some pictures of some of the other Seaglass Pendants I made from our find that day!

Please let us know what you think about our Seaglass Creations and leave us a comment below!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Olivine Flower Necklace

Recently, Hannah and I sold our Olivine Flower Necklace to an international customer, Marga, from Sevilla, Spain. She graciously sent us a picture of her wearing our necklace at Feria de Abril a festival in her hometown.

"Every Spring, the town of Seville throws a week-long party and one million people show up! La Feria de Sevilla began as a cattle trading fair in 1847, and through the years it has evolved into a sexy Spanish round-the-clock spectacle of flamenco, bullfighting and rowdy fun. Seville is considered the center of flamenco music and culture, which is also known as "Sevillana" because many of the composers and songs are from the city.", says

Not only did Marga send us pictures of her wearing the necklace, she also gave us some background information on Feria de Abril and this is what she had to say. "I was wearing my flamenca dress, which is a typical dress from where I live (Sevilla, south of Spain). I fell in love with the necklace and since you always try and choose something with beads on it to wear with those dresses I thought this one would fit perfectly. Everyone loved it so I was right. I will send you a better picture so you can see what the dress looks like." Featured below are the pictures that Marga sent to us.

Thank you Marga for taking the time to send us these beautiful pictures! It means so much to Hannah and I knowing that our designs look so beautiful on our customers and that you took the time to send us pictures of you wearing the necklace. You look truly lovely! Our sincere and heartfelt appreciation and thankfullness!
Hannah and Joy
Love Designs

This necklace is available for purchase at out online stores:

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Custom Order Wedding Necklace and Earrings

Another custom creation by Love Designs. We were approached by a customer about 2 months ago to design a wedding necklace for her daughter who is getting married on May 30th. She loves Swarovski Crystals and wanted to purchase a unique necklace as a Wedding gift to her daughter. Of course, we love designing Wedding Jewelry and readily agreed to help her out. Her daughter lives in Michigan and we are based in Ohio. So, we had to do everything via email! Which can be intimidating...but, I love doing it!

To help us determine the style that her daughter was looking for, we had both of them go on our website on Etsy and ArtFire to tell us what styles best fit them. The daughter fell in love with our Strands of Gold necklace and decided that was the style she wanted! With a few changes of course! She decided that she the Bronze Swarovski Pearls would not go well with her dress and asked for a white or cream Swarovski Pearl in a slightly smaller size still using the Golden Shadow Swarovski Crystals. The gold filled figure 8 chain we used was not her style and she wanted a simple gold chain for the necklace. Finally, she had to choose between gold plate and gold filled for her wedding necklace...and, she decided to go with all gold filled. Which was no problem at all! She also decided to have matching earrings with a simple Swarovski Pearl and Golden Shadow Cosmic Drop. We simply emailed her what the pearls and chain would look like and she approved our design! The result is simply stunning! She made the perfect choices to fit her personal style and she was involved every step of the way.

Our Bride will be married on May 30th and we will post pictures of her with her wedding jewelry and gown! The Bride not only decided to have us do her jewelry, but, also all of her six Bridesmaids and her Mom liked our designs so much...we are designing her jewelry also! We just want to thank you Casey and Tish for having us personalized your Wedding Jewelry! Have a blessed and memorable Wedding Day!

Joy & Hannah
Love Designs
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