Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Passion, Our Mission...PLEASE READ!

I have a passion and a mission! Many of you who know me don't realize this about me, but, very early on in life, the Lord put the children on my heart. Children who are suffering, starving, living in deplorable conditions, and without hope. I am passionate about these children. At the time, I felt too small and insignificant to help these children who were obviously starving and live in conditions that are unbearable. However, over the last few years, the Lord has shown me that He is a God of multiplication and that is how His Kingdom operates. I now know that I am very significant in the eyes of God and when we all work together for a common cause, amazing things happen.

Currently, I am passionate for children suffering from Leprosy. I did not realize that this disease even existed anymore. But it does and it is a disease that not only disforms the person who has it and causes terrible pain, it also destroys families and any hope of living life. These children are outcasts and are literally removed or shunned from their families to live in garbage dumps or taken to care centers with other victims of leprosy as young as five years old. As a mother, my heart is literally aching when I think of a five year old, suffering and in pain, and not able to find any comfort in the arms of his mother. The truly sad part, this disease is curable and can be prevented! The cost of curing one child is only 300 dollars. Most of our insurance copays in the U.S. is one thousand dollars and we are so blessed to have access to hospitals, doctors, and medicine to cure our children when they are sick! Only 300 dollars and their life is totally transformed. The families of these children are extremely poor and do not have the money to cure their children.

Last year, I cured one child of leprosy. This year, as I was speaking to the Lord, He told me I was thinking too small. He is a big God and I needed to think bigger. So this year He has put it on my heart to cure 10 children of leprosy! With God all things are possible! So I'm believing God for 10 children. So far, I have sent enough money to cure 3. So, that means I only have 7 to go. .......

This was last year's post. Just had to re-post to update you all that Hannah and I were able to cure 8.5 children with our sales from last year. We did not make the 10 we wanted to, but, curing 8 children is wonderful! This year I want to set a new goal of 15 children and I believe that we serve a powerful God who loves His children and we will meet out new goal! Thank you to everyone who supported us last year! You helped save the lives of 8 children and reunite them with their families!

With that in mind, one way Hannah and I raise money to help these children is through our jewelry business. So I'm sending a shout out to all of you who would like to support our business and help those in need. Currently, 10 percent of all gross sales (we do not take into account our expenses) go to this mission and other charities. As our business increases, I would like to increase the amount that we give, but we need to increase sales first.

Hannah and I are passionate about our jewelry and are continually striving creatively. Our designs have grown tremendously in the past year and we are currently personalizing wedding jewelry, both for the bride and her bridesmaids. We design Seaglass Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Antiqued and Vintage Style Jewelry. Currently, we are working on a new line of Childrens Jewelry and Mens Jewelry. We specialize in making our jewelry personal and also offer name bracelets and would love to sit down with you to help you create your own jewelry. We also have a line of jewelry in our on-line store at and Follow our blog to stay up to date on our Leprosy Mission!

If you would like to learn more about leprosy, visit their website at Thank you so much for taking your time to read this!! May God bless you all!

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