Monday, April 27, 2009


This ring is fun and beautiful! This emerald piece of seaglass was found off the shores of Lake Erie in Mentor, OH. It is securely wrapped in Artistic Wire using an artistic swirl design!
By now, you've got to know that my sister and I love Designing Seaglass Creations. We are obsessed with finding and discovering new pieces for our latest designs! The weather is absolutely gorgeous in NorthEast Oh and we are so excited to get out on the beach and not freeze our behinds off in the process of finding new treasures.

My sister Hannah designed this Artsy seaglass ring pictured above. She is getting very creative these days with her swirls, twists and turns and I think the final result is fantastic! I know that as we find more seaglass among the rocks off the shores of Lake Erie her designs are just going to get even better! She is always pushing herself to outdo her last design and is constantly coming up with new design ideas! I think I have more fun watching her design jewelry and seeing the final product than I do designing my own creations! There is nothing better than to have someone near you who not only helps you but, moves you creatively. She is one of a kind and I don't know what I would do without her! So, be sure to check out this ring and the rest of Hannah's designs at our online stores:

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