Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jewelry Party Success!

I'm so excited today because Love Designs first Jewelry Party was a huge success! Thank you Lord! All praise and glory to you for prospering our jewelry business! The party was hosted by a sister of a good friend of ours, Tracy, who did a wonderful job inviting and welcoming her friends! We had about 10 or so people come to the party, which was a handful and just enough for my sister and I to handle! It was wonderful to see first hand how customers respond to our jewelry and have a chance to talk to everyone about what they like in our designs and what they would like to see more of. We booked another jewelry party as a result of our success! All around it was a great experience....

However, since it was our first jewelry party we also experienced first hand some things that we need to change in the future....Here is a list of things that worked and a list of things that did not work....

Things that worked:

1. We had plenty of inventory and variety in jewelry...from antiqued, vintage style, to trendy and collectible.

2. We had plenty of Jewelry Displays to display our jewelry in an organized, uncluttered and easy to navigate way.

3. We had fun a fun game, raffle, and incentive for the host.

a) We did the five S's of jewelry....things you should not do with your jewelry.

1) no swimming

2) no sweating

3) no snagging (get dressed first)

4) no shower

5) no sleeping (take your jewelry off!)

b) Everyone received a raffle ticket for a free bracelet and earrings when they came through the door. For each person that got one of the fives S's...they received another ticket. For each piece of jewelry bought...they received another ticket. At the end of the party we drew the winning ticket!

c) The host received 10% off her entire purchase and received another 10% off if two people booked a jewelry party.

4. We had plenty of change for customers that paid with cash.

5. We made sure to add in sales tax....very important! You don't want to have to come up with the money out of your own pocket!

6. Do a brief bio. about your business at the beginning of the party. Make it personal and your personality and love for your business in it!

Things that did not work:

1. We did not have enough time to set up....we allowed for 30 minutes...really you need 45 mins. to one hour.

a)Make sure you have plenty of time to set up your jewelry displays and get organized before guests arrive.

2. We printed an inventory price guide instead of placing tags on our jewelry.

a) With a large crowd of people, looking up prices is not an effective way to organize a jewelry party. It takes time away from your customers. Place small tags on your jewelry with the price on to in a discreet place.

3. Accept Visa and Mastercard.

a) People don't use checks and cash very often these days....having a business that accepts Visa and Mastercard opens the door to more sales!

4. Not being organized at the beginning of the party led to chaos.

a) Make sure you are set up before guest arrive! This sets the tone for the entire party!

My sister and I learned a lot from this experience and as a result...our next jewelry party will be a greater success! Let us know what you think and would like to see as a customer....if your in business....tell us your success stories and what has worked or not worked for you! We want to hear from you! Please leave a comment below!

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