Monday, March 9, 2009

Beach Glass Hunt!

This past week we have had wonderful, springlike weather! Let me tell you, we really needed to feel the warmth! My sister, Hannah, and I did not waste any time. We headed down to Headlands Park in Fairport, Ohio this past Saturday and went on a beach glass hunt! Further inland, the temperature was about 68 degrees, however, as we got closer toward Lake Erie, the temps slowly but surely went down, down, down. When we reached the beach, the temp at Lake Erie was 44 degrees! Amazing how much difference 10 miles can make in the temperature. When we left my sister's house, we were wearing sweatshirts, and when we hit the beach we had on three layers! It was worth it!
Lucky for us the wind was barely blowing! If we had had a good breeze, there would be no way we would have lasted on the beach. The winds off of Lake Erie coupled with the frigid water temps. makes it impossible to stay out too long. What we do to get beach glass! Because we were in such a hurry, we forgot to grab our cell phones and the camera-it was about 6:00pm and the sun sets at 7:00pm. So, unfortunately, I don't have any pics to share with you this time. But, we will be out there again!

As we hit the beach, there were a few people further down the shore. You could see the storm clouds start to thicken over the lake. They were calling for heavy rain and high winds by midnight. The shoreline was dotted with chunks of ice 4-6 inches thick, that had been washed in by the waves. There was a ton of debris washed up on the shore! Which is very exciting for beach glass hunters! We immediately began to find pieces of glass-some small and some a little larger, especially when we flipped over the big chunks of ice. I'm convinced that if we had more time we would have found a lot more than we did! Nevertheless, it was a successful trip and as you can see from the pics-we got a good variety of color, even a small piece of cobalt blue! Please, don't dismiss those little pieces! If you place them inside a small cage and attach it to silver chain, it makes a beautiful necklace!

That's all I've got for now! Be sure to check back for more of our beach glass adventures on Lake Erie! Visit our online stores:

Have any good beach hunting tips? Please let us know and leave a comment!

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