Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Contemporary Bliss...Seafoam Necklace

We love seaglass! There is no doubt about it! We love designing Seaglass Jewelry and we love hunting for those rare gems on the beach. You never know what treasure you will find either right before your eyes or hidden within washed up pebbles and debris. We've made it a family affair! My children love hunting for these tiny treasures (and many others) all along the beach. Not only is it great exercise, but we get plenty of fresh air, we discover new beaches, and we get to spend time together as a family! Pictured below is only one example of what we do with our beach treasure finds.
You will only find this style of Contemporary Bliss at Love Designs. The colour of this large, RARE, Seafoam Pendant is tranquil and a unique, one of a kind find. This particular piece of Sea Glass was found off the shores of Cape Cod Bay. It is artfully wire wrapped in a sleek encasement of non tarnish, silver plate, Artistic Wire. The pendant is securely attached to Sterling Silver Curb Chain and finished with Pacific Opal Swarovski Crystals and an s hook clasp.

Necklace Length: 18 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mystic Jewel Collection...Mesmerizing!

If you have been following our blog, you will already know that my sister, Hannah, and I, Joy, love the simple beauty in jewelry design. So many designs today are full of bling, bling, big glitter, big sparkle, big everything! Which is fine....I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. We just want to bring back some simplicity, elegance, and beauty in jewelry design. Not everyone is looking for the huge glitz and glamour found in jewelry today. With that in mind...we'd like to introduce you to Mystic Jewel! It is truly stunning! Check out the full portfolio on our online store today!

The necklace shown above is another stunning and unique design by Hannah. This necklace is designed with a single 14mm Crystal Czeck Fire Polish multi faceted round. This bead is truly stunning! It''s multi facets give it a mystic 3 dimensional glow. This single bead is securely wire wrapped to figure 8 Sterling Silver Chain and finished with a s hook clasp. Two black diamond Swarovski Crystal bicones add beauty and interest to this clasp.

Necklace Length: 17 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

This bracelet is gorgeous! The Mystic Czech Beads are multi faceted and simply glow with shards of colour. This bracelet is another design by Hannah. She used Crystal Czech Fire Polished faceted rounds separated by a clear seed bead and finished with a silver swirl link and lobster clasp. A tiny black diamond Swarovski Crystla drop dangles off the clasp.

Fits a 7 inch wrist.

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

These Earrings are designed by Hannah to match the Mystic Jewel Necklace. They are made with amazing Crystal Czech Fire Polished beads which are multi faceted and simply glow. The 14mm beads are securely wire wrapped to figure 8 Sterling Silver Chain and finished with silver earring wire.

Earring length: 1 1/2 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

All of the Mystic Jewel Collection is available at Love Designs ArtFire Studio!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mod Swirl Bracelet....Exotic and Beautiful!

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Another fabulous creation by my sister Hannah! She has the modern edge when it comes to designing jewelry! Her jewelry is unique and one of a kind. To view more designs created by Hannah...visit our online stores at:



This bracelet has a Modern Edge with a feminine twist! The silver swirl links are the center of attention in this design. Each link is securely connected to Dark Amethyst Celestial Crystal faceted rounds with non tarnish silver plate Artistic Wire. Strands of Sterling Silver figure 8 chain and 3mm Sterling Silver Curb Chain frame this modern design. This three strand bracelet is finished with a silver slide clasp.

Fits a 7 inch wrist.

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

Friday, March 27, 2009

10 % off Love Designs ArtFire Studio

Easter is right around the corner and we feel the need to celebrate the life that Jesus died to give us! So, until Easter Sunday, Love Designs is marking 10% OFF all of our inventory! You don't want to miss this! Visit our online Studio at:

I thought I would share a poem I wrote about a year ago in honor of Jesus' sacrifice. May God Bless you all!

As He knit you together in your mother's womb,
He first loved you.

As the doctor delivered you into your mother's arms,
He first loved you.

As your tiny hand gripped your father's finger and you gazed into your mother's eyes,
He first loved you.

When you stumbled and fell; as you felt pain enter your heart for the first time,
He first loved you.

With each step, new discovery, and newfound adventure,
He first loved you.

In your friendships and heartbreaks; achievements and disappointments,
He first loved you.

In all your joy, hopes and dreams; through every victory,
He first loved you.

Through the abuse, addictions, depression, anger, anxiety, and brokenness,
He first loved you.

In your trials and tribulation; your fears and doubts,
He first loved you.

With each love of your life, the losses of life; in marriage and divorce,
He first loved you.

As you grow old in this life and wonder as the time flies by,
He first loved you.

Before He created the heavens and the earth; in this life and the next,
He first loved you.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength; because He first loved you!

Joy Bennington


Modern Jewelry-It's Hot!

Make a statement with this Modern Style Seaglass Necklace. My sister, Hannah, did an outstanding job designing and creating this pendant. She used a large, RARE, piece of Cobalt Blue Seaglass which was found off the shores of Cape Cod Bay and artistically wrapped it with non tarnish, silver plate, Artistic Wire.

The pendant is securely attached to Sterling Silver Figaro Chain and finished with a Modern Swirl s hook clasp.

Necklace Length: 18 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!
At Love Designs, we strive to offer high value fashion at an affordable price. Visit our online store to view more of our unique and irresistable jewelry!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jewelry Party Success!

I'm so excited today because Love Designs first Jewelry Party was a huge success! Thank you Lord! All praise and glory to you for prospering our jewelry business! The party was hosted by a sister of a good friend of ours, Tracy, who did a wonderful job inviting and welcoming her friends! We had about 10 or so people come to the party, which was a handful and just enough for my sister and I to handle! It was wonderful to see first hand how customers respond to our jewelry and have a chance to talk to everyone about what they like in our designs and what they would like to see more of. We booked another jewelry party as a result of our success! All around it was a great experience....

However, since it was our first jewelry party we also experienced first hand some things that we need to change in the future....Here is a list of things that worked and a list of things that did not work....

Things that worked:

1. We had plenty of inventory and variety in jewelry...from antiqued, vintage style, to trendy and collectible.

2. We had plenty of Jewelry Displays to display our jewelry in an organized, uncluttered and easy to navigate way.

3. We had fun a fun game, raffle, and incentive for the host.

a) We did the five S's of jewelry....things you should not do with your jewelry.

1) no swimming

2) no sweating

3) no snagging (get dressed first)

4) no shower

5) no sleeping (take your jewelry off!)

b) Everyone received a raffle ticket for a free bracelet and earrings when they came through the door. For each person that got one of the fives S's...they received another ticket. For each piece of jewelry bought...they received another ticket. At the end of the party we drew the winning ticket!

c) The host received 10% off her entire purchase and received another 10% off if two people booked a jewelry party.

4. We had plenty of change for customers that paid with cash.

5. We made sure to add in sales tax....very important! You don't want to have to come up with the money out of your own pocket!

6. Do a brief bio. about your business at the beginning of the party. Make it personal and interesting...place your personality and love for your business in it!

Things that did not work:

1. We did not have enough time to set up....we allowed for 30 minutes...really you need 45 mins. to one hour.

a)Make sure you have plenty of time to set up your jewelry displays and get organized before guests arrive.

2. We printed an inventory price guide instead of placing tags on our jewelry.

a) With a large crowd of people, looking up prices is not an effective way to organize a jewelry party. It takes time away from your customers. Place small tags on your jewelry with the price on to in a discreet place.

3. Accept Visa and Mastercard.

a) People don't use checks and cash very often these days....having a business that accepts Visa and Mastercard opens the door to more sales!

4. Not being organized at the beginning of the party led to chaos.

a) Make sure you are set up before guest arrive! This sets the tone for the entire party!

My sister and I learned a lot from this experience and as a result...our next jewelry party will be a greater success! Let us know what you think and would like to see as a customer....if your in business....tell us your success stories and what has worked or not worked for you! We want to hear from you! Please leave a comment below!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Love Designs ArtFire Studio...Check it out!

I'm so excited about our new online store! We are introducing our new line of jewelry here and if you have a minute....check it out! Don't forget that Easter and Mother's Day is right around the corner! Our jewelry is unique and you can't help but love it. Just click the link below!


Thanks for all your support!

Hannah and JoyLove Designs

Unique Handknotted Czech Necklace

(Click to view)

My sister, Hannah, designed this necklace. I really admire her work on this necklace because she did an exceptional job on it and she had never before attempted to hand knot jewelry. Everything that we have learned in the Art of Jewely Design is based on our drive to provide quality jewelry to our customers. We are self taught, determined, and place all excess energy into this art! My sister and I have come a long way with our jewelry....we are very determined and simply love designing jewelry!

Product Description:
Gorgeous Necklace! Wear it double stranded or long-the choice is yours. This necklace is designed using Czechglass, Swarovski Crystal and Czech Fire Polish beads in Smoke, Crystal AB, Purple, Black Diamond, and AB Purple faceted rounds which are carefully stringed and individually hand knotted to create this stunning design! The necklace is finished with a lobster clasp and a Swarovski Crystal Black Diamond Drop.

Overall necklace length: 48 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATLE SHIPMENT!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Extremely Rare! Yellow Seaglass...

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Inspiration / Story behind this Product
This piece of Sea Glass is EXTREMELY RARE and only 1 in 1,000 pieces of seaglass results in a yellow piece. This particular piece is one inch in length, perfectly rounded and tumbled. It was found off the shores of Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio and is GENUINE SEA GLASS!

Product Description:
This necklace is designed using an EXTREMELY RARE piece of Yellow Sea Glass. We securely wrapped the seaglass in Sterling Silver Wire and attached it to two strands of Sterling Silver Chain using two Sterling Silver links.

Necklace Length: 17 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Very Rare Deep Aqua Seaglass Pendant Necklace!

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Inspiration / Story behind this Product
My sister, Hannah, designed this pendant necklace using a large piece of Deep Aqua Sea Glass . This colour is RARE TO EXTREMELY RARE. This particular piece of Sea Glass was found off the coast of Cape Cod Bay by my Aunt Janet. Collecting Sea Glass, Driftwood, and Pottery that has washed up on the beach has been a life long passion of hers and she has aquired many rare pieces! We are very thankful to her for allowing us to make beautiful pieces of jewelry out of her collection! All of our Sea Glass is GENUINE SEAGLASS!

Product Description:
We designed this Seaglass Necklace using a large piece of Deep Aqua Sea Glass found off the shores of Cape Cod Bay. We wrapped this particulare piece with Brass Artistic Wire to compliment the deep colour of the glass. Using an artistic approach, we used a zig zag pattern and finished the pendant with an artistic swirl! The pendant is attached to copper chain and finished with a copper lobster clasp.

Necklace Length: 17 inches

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

For more Love Designs inspired jewelry...visit http://www.LoveDesigns.ArtFire.com or http://www.lovescreation.etsy.com

Beautiful Handcrafted Bracelet!

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This bracelet is designed to match our Czech Cobalt Blue Necklace which you can also find listed in our store. We love the Vintage Style Charm of this bracelet which is designed with Cobalt Blue, Czech Fire-Polished, faceted beads wrapped in nontarnish brass Artistic Wire and securely attached to Antiqued Brass Chain. The bracelet is finished with gold plate findings and a three strand clasp.

Currently in stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

Overall bracelet length: fits a 7 inch wrist

This bracelet was just listed in our new ArtFire store! Check it out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Strands of Gold! Beautiful Wedding Jewelry-Affordable!

This necklace is perfect for Brides or Bridesmaids! Beautiful golden shadow Swarovski crystals and bronze crystal pearls make up this gorgeous two strand necklace. Each crystal and crystal pearl is carefully hand wrapped with non-tarnish brass wire onto gold filled chain. The necklace is finished off with a beautiful gold filagree clasp. To make this necklace a complete set, check out our Strands of Gold earrings and bracelet. (on our Etsy site)

As a side note: Our passion is to create beautiful and personalized jewelry just for you. If you would like this necklace in different colors, then please e-mail us at lovescreation@windstream.net or contact us via our online store conversation/messages. This item can be found on:

We will try our best to meet all your requests. Enjoy!!

Necklace length: Inside strand 16 inches
Outside strand 22 inches
Please let us know what you think about our wedding jewelry! Your opinion is very important to us so, please leave a comment!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Beach Glass Hunt!

This past week we have had wonderful, springlike weather! Let me tell you, we really needed to feel the warmth! My sister, Hannah, and I did not waste any time. We headed down to Headlands Park in Fairport, Ohio this past Saturday and went on a beach glass hunt! Further inland, the temperature was about 68 degrees, however, as we got closer toward Lake Erie, the temps slowly but surely went down, down, down. When we reached the beach, the temp at Lake Erie was 44 degrees! Amazing how much difference 10 miles can make in the temperature. When we left my sister's house, we were wearing sweatshirts, and when we hit the beach we had on three layers! It was worth it!
Lucky for us the wind was barely blowing! If we had had a good breeze, there would be no way we would have lasted on the beach. The winds off of Lake Erie coupled with the frigid water temps. makes it impossible to stay out too long. What we do to get beach glass! Because we were in such a hurry, we forgot to grab our cell phones and the camera-it was about 6:00pm and the sun sets at 7:00pm. So, unfortunately, I don't have any pics to share with you this time. But, we will be out there again!

As we hit the beach, there were a few people further down the shore. You could see the storm clouds start to thicken over the lake. They were calling for heavy rain and high winds by midnight. The shoreline was dotted with chunks of ice 4-6 inches thick, that had been washed in by the waves. There was a ton of debris washed up on the shore! Which is very exciting for beach glass hunters! We immediately began to find pieces of glass-some small and some a little larger, especially when we flipped over the big chunks of ice. I'm convinced that if we had more time we would have found a lot more than we did! Nevertheless, it was a successful trip and as you can see from the pics-we got a good variety of color, even a small piece of cobalt blue! Please, don't dismiss those little pieces! If you place them inside a small cage and attach it to silver chain, it makes a beautiful necklace!

That's all I've got for now! Be sure to check back for more of our beach glass adventures on Lake Erie! Visit our online stores:

Have any good beach hunting tips? Please let us know and leave a comment!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cobalt Seaglass Ring

My sister and I love making Seaglass Rings! The Cobalt Blue is a rare colour making this ring unique and special. This particular piece of seaglass was found off the coast of Cape Cod Bay and is concave in shape which allows the ring to contour to the shape of your finger.

We used nontarnish silver plate wire and securely wrapped the seaglass to the ring.

Ring Size 7 1/2

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!
Visit our store to view more original Seaglass Creations!
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Seaglass Creation's

Another Seaglass Creation by Love Designs! The Seafoam colour of this ring is the perfect reminder of the surf and sun! This piece of beach glass was found off the shores of Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio and it is slightly concave making this piece a great Seaglass Ring.

We securely wrapped the Seafoam glass with non tarnish silver plate wire and securely wrapped it to the ring.

Ring Size 8

In stock and ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!
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Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the Simple Things in Life

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Simplicity is good. Sometimes we just need a little bit of simple in our lives. Everything is just so busy all the time! Work, family, kids, chores and bills and more bills and work, grocery shopping, after school activities.....and so on and so on! So, we decided it was time to tone things down a little and get back to enjoying the Simple Beauty of Jewelry Design.

(to view click here)
(to view click here)
You'll notice that we did not leave out colour. We wanted to bring attention to the beauty in the Swarovski Crystal Components yet keep the overall design elegant yet simplistic. The designs are versatile in the sense that you can wear each piece with either a casual shirt or compliment your evening dress. That's the beauty of simplicity.
(to view click here)

Over the next few months, my sister and I will be adding to our collection. Be sure to follow our blog to stay on top of the latest designs and visit our online store at:

Please let us know what you think of our jewelry! Questions are welcomed! Leave a comment.