Saturday, February 21, 2009

Postcards From God...

I am truly inspired every day by the creativity of my fellow Etsians. Recently, I met Jamie. She creates postcards to inspire and uplift the hearts of everyone who sees them. They are a must see!
Today I'm featuring her shop. Take a minute to read her made my day!

My name is Jamie Shires Moore. As a portrait photographer and artist, I have served the Richmond, Virginia area for 20 years. My studio, Masterpiece Portraits, specializes in fine custom portraiture of children and their families.

I also create inspirational fine art under the name Postcards From God. The idea for this name came many years ago, as a simple image, that had great impact on me. I was traveling back roads to a client’s house one late afternoon for a portrait session and the sun was just setting. I came around a curve in the road and just ahead of me was an old, large, bare oak tree, with the brilliant sun on the horizon shining through the tree and creating a silhouette. It was breathtaking and I exclaimed to my assistant, “Wow, that’s a postcard from God!”. This scene stayed in my mind and my heart as I thought of the many ways God daily reminds us of who He is and how much He loves us. The idea “Postcards From God” was born. As I have created my inspirational art over the years I occasionally sold pieces to friends and portrait clients. When I first built my studio’s website and bought the domain name for my studio, I also bought “”. I had the link go directly to my studio website, “”, and featured my work there in a separate gallery.

Two years ago, I invited some of my clients’ children to model for me for a self published coffee table book, “This Little Light Of Mine”. It featured beautiful images of children photographed specifically for the book, along with scripture, old hymns and poetry, a wonderful collection of devotions for children and their parents.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that my daughter told me about Etsy and suggested I take a look at it. After thinking about how it would be good as a way of introducing Postcards From God to the those outside my local area I decided to set up my Etsy site. I am so excited about this new experience and have received wonderful comments from visitors. I have listed some of my original inspirational art as well as a few of my individual images from “This Little Light Of Mine” as separate prints. I have many other orginal images to share and as I am continually in the creative mode, there will be new ones, too.

It is my desire that every time someone views a Postcards From God image, they are encouraged and blessed and are reminded how much God loves them.
For more information on Masterpiece Portraits or Postcards From God, please visit or This link goes directly to my Etsy site. Also, my member name on Etsy is PostcardsFromGod.
God bless you all!

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