Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oxidizing Sterling Silver With Liver of Sulfur

I recently posted a blog about oxidizing sterling silver using hard boiled eggs. Now, this was the very first attempt at oxidizing anything for me and I had not tried using Liver of Sulfur yet. I believed at the time when I had oxidized the sterling silver with hardboiled eggs that the result was good. Well, I've changed my mind! The end result of using Liver of Sulfur was, in my opinion, far superior than the hard boiled eggs. I'm not an expert at this by any means, but, if you compare the pics in the two articles you will see the difference.

If you can handle the smell, which is overwhelming and you want a WELL VENTILATED ROOM, then I promise that you will love the result! I'll give you a step by step description of the process.

1. Gather all of your sterling silver for the piece that you want to oxidize. (you don't want to do this twice if you can avoid it!) I found that it does not affect the piece if the item is already hand wrapped.
2. Be sure you have on hand a small bowl (large enough to hold your pieces of jewelry), tweezers (to handle the jewelry-you do not want to get this on your skin!), gloves, plastic spoon, liver of sulfur, and a plate or somewhere to place your jewelry when finished.

3. Fill the bowl with HOT tap water.

4. Use the tweezers to grab two small pieces of liver of sulfur (a little larger than the size of a pea). Place it in the HOT tap water and use a plastic spoon to stir the water and help dissolve the liver of sulfur.

5. Place your items in the water. You'll notice that the silver will start to oxidize immediately, but, you will have to wait several minutes before you get the darker oxidized color. I use the spoon to stir the water up as the items sit and it seems to help the process.

6. Use the tweezers to pull out the pieces of silver and rinse with hot water, then cold water and place them on a plate to dry.

7. Enjoy!

I hope this was helpful to you! I know you will love the look of your jewelry when finished! Please let me know if this was helpful or not. Leave a comment! Thank you!

Finished Olivine Vintage Style Necklace

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