Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lake Erie Beach Glass

My sister and I have recently found a new "LOVE"! We love discovering seaglass on the beach and creating wonderful pieces of jewelry that is unique, beautiful and a little reminder of the sun and beach. We live near Cleveland, Ohio and spend our time combing the shores of Lake Erie-when it's not subzero temps. of course! It's amazing what you find if you just take a minute to really look at your surroundings. Tiny little treasures lay in wait everywhere!

As we comb the beach, we usually find clear or white pieces of seaglass. Most of the time the pieces are small-but, that's just fine by us! We love to make earrings and wire wrapped rings out of the smaller pieces. The larger pieces are definitley the most prized and if you see us jumping up and down and laughing-we've found a big one! We are like little kids out there!

We have quite a collection of seaglass now and have made several pieces of jewelry from them. They are definitely our biggest hit online and at home parties! People just love the nostalgia of the beach glass and the detail in each story of each piece! We try to keep all of our finds separate so that we know exactly where each piece has come from.

(Sorry! This ring is sold!)

Recently we have had many people offer to give us their seaglass! It really is amazing how many people collect and cherish their treasures. We know how meaningful it is to people and reward their finds with a unique piece of jewelry designed just for them!

The climate on Lake Erie is brutal and we are looking forward to warmer temps. so we can start combing the beach again! In the meantime, be sure to check out our website for our newest Seaglass Creations!

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  1. I just learned recently that sea glass are glasses that have been subjected to nature's polishing - on the beach. How wonderful! I used to leave near the beach but now not anymore.
    Lovely creations with the seaglass by the way. Wish I am near the beach again :)