Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Calling All Bridesmaids!

Calling all bridesmaids! We've been creating and designing Bridal Jewelry for over a year now and we've designed some simple and affordable jewelry for your Bridal Party. Check out our Simple Aquamarine Necklace. It's simple and elegant. Not only that, but, Swarovski offers a variety of colours: Crystal Copper, Indicolite, Crystal Golden Shadow, Olivine, Fuschia, Crystal AB, Crystal Clear, Jet Black, Amethyst, Crystal Silver Shade, Light Amethyst

Brides, the Crystal Clear Cosmic Cut Crystal would be a simple yet perfect match for any Wedding Gown.
If your not sure what colour will match your Bridesmaids Dress, simply contact us at lovescreation@windstream.net

We will be sure to answer all your questions!

Get creative with your Bridesmaids Accessories and give them a matching wire wrapped ring as a special gift!
Please let us know what you think about our Bridal Jewelry and leave a comment!

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