Friday, January 30, 2009

Twisted Beach Glass Earrings-SALE

For this weekend only, we will offer 10% off our TWISTED BEACH GLASS EARRINGS with FREE SHIPPING! Our entire store is currently listing all in stock jewelry at 10% off. You don't want to miss it! Have an awesome weekend!


Here in Chardon, Ohio, we are still digging out from this week's winter storm. We are used to these winter blasts here, but, enough is enough! My last memory of this kind of brutal winter was way back in the winter of 1992. We have had brutal temps of -20 below and up to 3 feet of snow in our front yard. The snow mounds are over 6 foot tall!

It's time to warm things up with Valentine's Day Specials! As some of you may already know, we have extended our Valentine's Day Sale until February 6th! We offer a variety of jewelry and styles including our Seaglass Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Rings, and Children's Jewelry.

Be sure to check back later in the day. We wil be featuring select jewelry for free shipping! Your input is very important to us. Please let us know what you think about our how to series (soon to be featured) and our online store.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How To Find Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

My sister and I have designing and creating jewelry for about two years now and over this period of time we have had many challenges, made mistakes, and learned a lot. We realize that we still have a lot to learn, but, would like to share with you some valuable information that we had to learn on our own. The first being, buy supplies wholesale. There is no problem with going to WalMart, Michaels or you local bead store, especially if you make jewelry for yourself or friends and family. But, if you plan on making any profit from your jewelry, you need to think beyond your local bead store.
Believe it or not, it takes time, a lot of time and research to find the best deals out there. If you don't believe me, try to Google jewelry supplies. Then Google wholesale jewelry supplies. Then try to weed through it all. Not as easy as you think. That is exactly how we started and this is a list of what we found, starting with our favorite site.

1. Fire Mountain Gems at
2. Gifts Joy at
3. The Jewelry Supply Co. at

Fire Mountain Gems is our number one pick because it offers a large selection of gemstones, beads, swarovski crystals, pendants, findings, wire, tools. All that you could think of and need is in this store. They definitely offer the best price for swarovski crystals. If you order in bulk, which we usually do, you receive greater discounts. They also offer a catalog for those of you who like to sit on the couch and flip pages.

Gifts Joy is our second pick because they offer all of their jewelry supply at wholesale prices. You need to be a serious business and using their supplies for jewelry making and resale. All you need to do is apply for your wholesale account via email. If you have trouble finding simply use their search engine and type in wholesale. That should bring you to the instruction page to apply for a wholesale account. We love Gifts Joy for their large selection of pendants and gemstones. Not to mention the great price!
Last, but not least is The Jewelry Supply Co. They offer a great selection of beads and findings, but, what we love is their selection of gold filled and sterling silver chain. You can buy it in bulk and receive a great discount.
So, there you have it. We have found with all three companies that they have great service and they are very reliable. We realize that there are other online stores that offer great deals. If you know of one, don't be shy! Share with us your great finds! And, please let us know if this information was helpful to you.

Love Designs

Monday, January 26, 2009


Over the last year, I've thrown myself into making quality designer jewelry for women and I love visualizing and creating new designs! However, I have a huge collection of leftover beads, charms, and clasps and did not know what to do with it all. I stumbled upon these small yellow and orange flower beads and suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted to create! Let me tell you, I had more fun making tiny yellow flower earrings, rings, and bracelets than I have had in quite awhile. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't enjoy making adult jewelry. Women's jewelry is challenging, the industry is very competitive creatively, and I love doing it. It's just that while I was making these vibrant, colorful and fun designs, I remembered why I enjoy what I do and I really had fun in the process!
My sister and I have decided to start a line of children's jewelry that is fun, vibrant, and affordable! Over the next few weeks, we will be adding, to our online store at, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. All of the collection will be 10% off in celebration of Valentines Day until February 6th.

Please, stop by our store and check out our collection of children's jewelry, seaglass jewelry, wedding jewelry, and fashion jewelry! We look forward to serving you!

God Bless,

Love Designs

Friday, January 23, 2009

My sister and I were walking through a store during the holidays searching for Christmas decorations to adorn our jewelry table and we happened to walk past a stand full of buttons. My eye caught this beauty and from that moment on, I knew that I had to wear this vintage style on my hand.

It reminds me of all the right hand rings that you see on models in the magazines only this one won't break the bank. This particular button ring has a vintage flair to it that I adore. It looks spectacular on and glimmers when the sunlight catches it.

I recieved so many compliments on this ring that I decided to duplicate it. Starting today and ending on Monday, this ring will have FREE SHIPPING!!! So get it while its hot...I know it won't last long.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

V A L E N T I N E S D A Y S A L E !!!

Things are starting to warm up in Chardon, Ohio and in celebration, we are extending our Valentines Day Sale until February 6th!!! We figured, why not? We appreciate all you do for us as a customer and want to give you the best deals for your hard earned cash!

We will also have FREE SHIPPING on our FEATURED STORE ITEM of the week. This necklace was designed and created by my sister Hannah. This large piece of clear seaglass is wire wrapped with nontarnish silver plate wire and is attached to sterling silver chain by a spiral twist. This piece of seaglass was found by our Aunt off the shores of Cape Cod Bay. It is GENUINE SEAGLASS. This necklace is fantastic with any outfit and definitely attracts a lot of attention! Your sweetheart or loved one will love you for this gift!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oxidizing Sterling Silver...Using Hard Boiled Eggs!

With wind chills at -20 and snow and snow and more SNOW and nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon in Chardon, OH, I decided to oxidize sterling silver...for the first time! I first saw oxidized sterling silver on some jewelry designed by a friend I met over Etsy, and I fell in love with it! I loved the deep, dark, color that the oxidizing process left and I thought it added so much depth and interest to her jewelry. I've since seen it in other designs, but, until now have never tried it myself!

I decided to Google it first...and there were not too many posts on the subject. I did find that you could do it with hard boiled eggs or with liver of sulphur. Sooo, without the liver of sulphur and no way of getting it immediately, I decided to try HARD BOILED EGGS! I have to say, I was very skeptical at first, but, I had the eggs on hand and what else was I gonna do? I had nothing to lose.

So, I decided to hard boil six eggs. Why? That way I had plenty of eggs if I messed up and a couple left over for the kids breakfast in the morning. Plan ahead, that's my motto! I boiled the eggs and then removed them from the heat, covered them, and let sit for 18 minutes. While the eggs were boiling, I took a one quart freezer bag and placed the items that I wanted to oxidize in it.

Since I have no idea what I am doing, I decided to test out a few things too. I used sterling silver chain and placed it in one bag. In the other bag, I placed one of my wire wrapped rings (already finished), a piece of silver plate straight pin, a piece of silver plate chain, and a piece of nontarnish silver plate wire. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to see what happened. Like a scientific experiment.

After the eggs sat for 18 minutes, I took the very hot egg (using tongs, not my hand) and placed it in the bag (one in each bag) and closed it leaving a small opening. I then used the bottom of a cup to smash the whole egg inside the bag. Don't worry about it getting all over the jewelry, it washes off. After the egg was smashed (get the yolk good), I sealed the bag completely.
During the process, be sure to pick up the bag and shake it a little for better consistency. After the egg had cooled a bit, I noticed that the chain was not dark enough for me. So, I took the chain out and heated the egg up in the microwave for about 20-30seconds. I then placed the chain back in the back and repeated this process until I got it to the desired color. I also repeated the process with the silver plate items.

While the jewelry was in the bag-
I saw an immediate change in the sterling silver chain and the silver plate chain.
The nontarnish silver plate wire-no changes at all.
The silver plate straight pin-no changes at all.
The wire wrapped ring-a little change but not consistent overall.

I was very pleased with the result for the sterling silver and can't wait to try it out some more. Surprisingly, the silver plate chain has a very nice color also. As for rest, not so great. I'm going to leave it overnight and see what happens!

All in all, it was fun and a good experiment!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Valentines Day Sale...This Weekend Only

As I'm helping my children fill out their Valentines Day Cards for their friends at school, I'm reminded of how exciting this special day was. I loved getting those little cards with a tiny piece of chocolate or sucker tucked away in that special tissue box that I spent so much time decorating . We want to help bring that magic back! We love Valentines Day at Love's the perfect way to let the people you love know how special they are!

Valentines Day is right around the corner, but it's not too late to buy the perfect gift for your loved ones. We have a great selection of pendant necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Starting Friday, this weekend only Love Designs will have a Valentines Day Sale at our online store. Receive 10% off all of our in stock inventory. You'll find our sale items under the Valentines Day Sale section.

Have a loved Valentines Day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Feature of the Week

The feature this week is our SEAGLASS DANGLE EARRINGS. Our seaglass earrings are designed with light blue seaglass chips measuring approximately 1/2 inch wire wrapped and secured onto sterling silver chain. Black Diamond and Sand Opal Swarovski Crystals are wire wrapped and dangle above the seaglass chips. Overall length of these earrings is 2 inches.

A great way to bring a little summer into your life. These earrings are available on a first come first serve basis with FREE SHIPPING this week only!

Simply visit to purchase.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to Love Designs blogspot...

Welcome to our blogspot. We recently opened an online store at and will be keeping our customers updated with sales and new designs here. Jewelry design is our passion and customer satisfaction is our top priority! Featured in our store is our beachglass and seaglass jewelry! We love combing the beach to look for new and interesting pieces of seaglass. Each piece is unique and beautiful. We use only GENUINE SEAGLASS Check it out...
You'll find more unique and exciting designs just like this at our online store!